What is the Form component?

The <Form /> component is a foundational component for managing forms in your application. Although it's not a component made to be used as is (as opposed to regular components such as <Button /> or <Input /> for example) within the application, it plays a crucial role in creating and handling complex forms.

This component uses react-hook-form combined with zod for schema validation, though you can choose to use the schema validation library of your choice.

You can pair the <Form /> component with other components used in forms such as checkboxes, inputs, and radios to construct easy-to-manage forms. Whether you are building a simple contact form or a complex multi-step registration process, the <Form /> component provides the tools and flexibility needed for your application's requirements.

For more information on how to use the <Form /> component effectively, check out the documentation and examples on the shadcn/ui documentation as well as the react-hook-form documentation.

Forms - Example