Last updated: May 12, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Personal License
  2. Team and Enterprise Plans License
  3. General Restrictions
  4. Definitions
  5. Enforcement of Terms
  6. Limitations of Liability
  7. Applicable Law
  8. Contact Information

Personal License

PlumeUI grants a continuous, non-exclusive license for the use of PlumeUI Components subject to this Personal License.

Eligibility: Only individuals (License Holders) may utilize this license.

Allowed Uses and Examples:

  • Create Unlimited End Products: Use the Components to develop any number of End Products, including:
    • Personal websites.
    • Websites or web applications for clients with transferred ownership.
    • Commercial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications with user fees.
    • Commercial web applications sold to end users.
  • Modify and Adapt Components: Adjust the Components to suit specific needs under this license:
    • Customizing components for specific client projects.
    • Upgrading components for enhanced integration into complex applications.
  • Distribute to Various Clients and End Users: Use the Components for different clients and to create End Products for sale:
    • Developing and selling customized application interfaces to businesses.
    • Providing design services that include the Components in client projects.

Prohibited Uses and Examples:

  • No Component Redistribution: You cannot redistribute the Components or their derivatives outside their intended End Products:
    • No public repositories of PlumeUI components or derivatives.
    • No development of UI libraries or conversion for other frameworks.
  • Forbidden Account Sharing: Sharing your PlumeUI access or account use with others is prohibited:
    • No sharing of personal PlumeUI account details.
    • No resale of PlumeUI account access.
  • No Competitor Products: Developing or marketing products that directly compete with PlumeUI, as determined exclusively by PlumeUI:
    • No creation of website builders using PlumeUI components.
    • No design of templates or starter kits that incorporate the Components for redistribution.
  • Restriction on End User Product Creation Tools: You cannot create tools that allow End Users to independently generate new products employing the Components:
    • No platforms that enable users to design interfaces with the Components directly.
  • No Open Source Usage: Open source distribution of End Products utilizing the Components is forbidden:
    • No toolkit development with open source licensing from PlumeUI components.
    • No contribution of PlumeUI components to open source projects.

Team and Enterprise Plan License

This license is available for businesses under two plans:

  • Team Plan: Covers up to 5 employees and contractors.
  • Enterprise Plan: Applies to up to 25 employees and contractors.

Permissions and Restrictions:

This license shares the Personal License's conditions, extending rights solely to employees and contractors directly associated with the License Holder.

General Restrictions

Under both Personal and Team/Enterprise Plans these restrictions apply:

  • End Products must be non-open source without free redistribution that facilitates spreading the PlumeUI Components.
  • Components cannot be employed in creating products or services that would be seen as competitive or conflicting with PlumeUI, at the discretion of PlumeUI.


  • License Holder: An individual or business entity that has acquired a license.
  • Components: Code, design assets, and documentation provided after purchase.
  • End Product: The integrated use of Components, as authorized by the license.
  • End User: Consumers of the End Product.
  • Client: Recipient of customized outputs using the Components.
  • Employee/Contractor: Individuals operating under the direction of the License Holder.

Enforcement of Terms

Violations may result in suspended accounts and potential legal steps. Refund eligibility depends on the nature of the infringement.

Limitations of Liability

Liability for losses related to Component usage is confined to refunding the license expense. PlumeUI disclaims responsibility for subsequent damages.

Applicable Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of France. All disputes will be adjudicated in Delaware courts.

Contact Information

For inquiries or clarifications regarding licenses or usage permissions, reach out to [email protected].